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Mission PoolingPlatform:
Provide multinationals with information and advice in order to realize costs savings on employee benefits through Multinational Pooling.

What is Multinational Pooling? 
Pooling is a concept which allows you to link your employee schemes on a worldwide scale. The resulting increase in scale and distribution of risk lead to savings on the overall financing of these arrangements.

The basic principle is that the net costs of any provision can work out considerably lower, because of a favourable difference between premiums paid and claims paid. This difference – the underwriting result – is pumped back to the company each year. A clear case of money for nothing.

Poolable premiums are:

Group life insurance
Short-term disability cover
Long-term disability cover
Medical benefits
Retirement pension
Survivor’s pension
Orphans’ pension
Waiver of premium in the event of disability
Multinational pooling produces a considerable reduction in costs. In good years this saving can amount to as much as 90 percent of the risk premiums.
A multinational enters into contracts in two (or more) countries for the insurance of group employee schemes. In each country there is a normal relationship between the insurer and the company, with the insurer covering the risk, making payments, administering the schemes and able to issue dividends locally.

PoolingPlatform combines these contracts into one coordinating pool. This means provisions which are set up in different countries come together into one pot. Increased volume produces an improved underwriting result. This has no effect on existing schemes and the conditions associated with them.

At the end of each year of the scheme the poolingnetwork calculates the overall balance. This shows how much has been received internationally in premiums and how much has been paid in claims. Then it is determined whether there is a profit across the pool. In other words, the results of the subsidiary companies concerned are consolidated. If the balance is positive the surplus is paid out as a multinational dividend. Only then PoolingPlatform bills you with 10% successfee.

If you have taken out group insurance with at least two companies you can start up a multinational profit sharing pool.
PoolingPlatform has a broad package of options available.

Multinational Pooling is attractive for smaller multinationals too.
Companies with a limited number of people insured can also benefit from multinational profit sharing. So the size of the company is not important.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you a multinational or the subsidiary of an organisation which operates internationally?
If yes, then you can benefit from the advantages of pooling.

Have two poolable employee schemes been taken out within your concern in two countries?
If yes, then you are entitled to multinational profit sharing.

Ask PoolingPlatform to inform you about the potential for sharing in positive pool results each year. It costs you nothing and gives you only benefits.

  • Through pooling you have direct access to a share in underwriting profits which you would otherwise miss. You share the profit without carrying any risk. This applies to all groups, large and small.
  • All local insurance policies are financially linked to each other worldwide. At the end of the year you receive a transparent statement.
  • Negative results are painless. Losses are absorbed by the poolingnetwork or by positive results later on.
  • In pooling, larger numbers mean better conditions: as a multinational you can often benefit from more favourable medical underwriting rules.
  • You don’t need to get involved in all kinds of foreign staff arrangements. With support from PoolingPlatform your employee benefits are properly aligned with each other in the various countries.
  • PoolingPlatform provides the tailored solution which fits your company best.
  • No extra costs or efforts are required. PoolingPlatform costs: No Cure No Pay, 10% fee of the payed out dividend/positive result.

About PoolingPlatform

Which poolingnetworks are represented on PoolingPlatform?
All networks. There are 8 key multinational poolingnetworks which globally can deliver their pooling services via PoolingPlatform.
Each network delivers multinational pooling through a locally based insurance company.
These networks are:
IGP    Swiss Life Network    AIG Global Benefits Network    Insurope    All Net    Generali    Maxis    Zurich

PoolingPlatform in The Netherlands.
In the Netherlands PoolingPlatform works closely together with 4 insurance companies who together represent the major global pooling networks.
These are:
IGP in The Netherlands represented by ASR.
AIG Global Benefits Network in The Netherlands represented by Nationale-Nederlanden
Swiss Life Network in The Netherlands represented by Vivat Verzekeringen (Zwitserleven)
Insurope in The Netherlands represented by Nationale-Nederlanden
The other networks are included in the pooling exhibit if applicable.

What do I need to do to start pooling?
Nothing. PoolingPlatform is able to check whether there are contracts in different countries which are or can be insured with a network partner. If so, you will have immediate access to pooling.

What should I give up for it?
Nothing. Multinational pooling does not affect the local conditions of your contract.

What is pooling going to cost?
Nothing. You will only share in the potential positive results of the network partner. PoolingPlatform only bills you with 10% of the payed out poolingresult. A clear case of money for nothing.

What is the benefit of pooling?
Multinational pooling produces a considerable reduction in costs. In outstanding years this saving can amount to as much as 90 percent of the risk premiums. A savings figure of around 20% on average over the long term is a good benchmark. PoolingPlatform is pleased to provide an estimate based on your current plan(s).

I am interested in a so called "pooling exhibit"! What's the procedure?
Just send an email which contains the following data: surname, first name, name and address of your company + your function. PoolingPlatform will contact you a.s.a.p. in order to make an appointment.

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